Guide To Paris

Welcome to Guide To Paris. This site was created as a result of my trip to Paris. It details all the experiences I had there, in a form that should prove useful to anyone that visits this great city.

You can find information on things you should experience if it’s your first trip to this city (like eating Escargot if you like to try the local cuisine) and visiting Versailles, Tour Eiffel or Louvre.

We also mention a few prices that you can expect while in Paris and some things you might want to try on your own when you’re there.

If you don’t know how to get to the city from the airport, take a look in the sidebar, at the Charles de Gaulle article, and you’ll find details on getting from CDG to Tour Eiffel.

One of the great things about Paris are its bistro’s and you will read about them as well here.

Take a look around, check out the articles from our guide to Paris and enjoy your trip.